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674 Polki bridal set

674 Polki bridal set

£325.00 नियमित मूल्य
£243.75बिक्री मूल्य

Kundun bridal set comes with two necklace sets (one choker and one long necklace) matching earrings, tikka, jummur and hand piece. 

Real polki stones are used in this bridal set and matte pearls. 


Choker length:12.5 cm with a width of: 23 cm. 

Long necklace length: 36cm with a width of: 14.5cm. 

Earrings length: 7.5 cm with a width of: 3.5 cm.

Tikka length:5.5cm with a width of: 3 cm. 

Jummur length:14 cm with a width of: 10cm.

Handpiece length: 13 cm with a width of: 13 cm. Adjustable chain length: 5 cm. 


If you would like colour added to any of our bridal set please leave a message in the notes at check out, stating the colour. 

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