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Choosing your bridal bangles

Every year hundreds of brides-to-be trust us to mix bangles for their big day. A part of what makes us unique is the fact that we devote a huge section of our stores to bangles and every single staff member is trained in the art of mixing bangles.

Bangles have been a necessary component in accessorising any south asian outfit for hundreds of years. Their references in songs, movies, poems and art are endless and for good reason.

So what makes a good bangle set?

Well just like everything else it is dependent on personal choice. Some brides prefer a single bangle on either arm some prefer an arm full of bangles. Whatever you’re style we’ve got you covered.

We stock over 100 designs in Kada bangles in-store and always have at least 36 colours in stock in plain bangles. Our bangles incorporate pearls, kundan, thread, velvet, stones, cubic zirconia and so much more.

Our expert team are trained to ask all the right questions to know what’s right for you. We check your colours, determine your size, the length of your sleeves and before long we mix up a set and present you an option.

Mixing a bangle set truly is an art.

Want to try your hand at mixing? Go ahead and choose from the bangles available on our bangle page. Mix together a set using plain bangles and stone bangles and send us a picture so we can repost your combination!

Our sizes range from 1.12 to 2.2 for Children and 2.4 to 2.10 for Ladies. To better understand the size range or to know your size visit our size guide or visit us in-store a member of staff would be happy to check and tell you your size.

Written by the team at Chohan Fashion

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