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Custom-made asian bridal jewellery

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

So how do you go about it?

We try to simplify your journey as a confused bride to a bride in love with her bridal jewellery and content for life with her choice.

As much as every bride would love to just stumble upon her dream bridal set and buy it instantly, it rarely ever happens.

Not because there isn’t a huge variety of choice available, but because a bride wants EVERYTHING perfect. And why shouldn’t she?

We work with brides knowing that a “fussy” bride is possibly the best customer to walk into our stores or come onto our website. A fussy bride knows what she wants. She knows that the tiny bead at the end of her tikka will annoy her when she looks back at her pictures in ten years, or that she doesn’t like heavy earrings because the pain in her ears the next day just isn’t worth it.

The majority of our bridal jewellery sets are a combination of between 3 and 8 pieces.

So as a bride it isn’t a simple matter of saying “yes to the dress”. You need to think long and hard about each individual piece in the set.

“Will that tikka suit my forehead?”, “Are those earrings too big?”, “Will that necklace suit my neckline?”.

At Chohans Fashion we make that shopping experience much simpler.

Our teams are trained to deal with brides in a professional but friendly and approachable manner.

If that tikka isn’t looking right, we can show you other options.

If the earrings are too big we’ll show you smaller earrings that will match perfectly.

It doesn’t end there.

The embroidery on your dress is antique gold, but the set you like is a bright gold.

No problem. Speak to a member of staff about your plating options.

We can change metal colours to almost any shade with our specialist plating equipment.

The stones in your outfit are in a peculiar colour that you’re sure we won’t have because you’ve “been everywhere and no-one has it.”

Easy. We have over 70 shades in stone colour readily available at both stores. We can change stone colour instantly in-store in no more than 5 minutes!

Simply show us your colour, ask for your set to be customised and it’ll be ready within minutes. Our stone colour service is completely FREE too.

Finally, beads, pearls and crystals.

We can change the shade or size of crystals, pearls or beads in any set.

Recently we’ve seen a number of brides demanding the white pearls in their set to be changed to a peach colour or even a shade of mint. Whatever the colour of the pearls in your outfit whether it’s white, cream, or something unique like peach or mint. We can customise pearls to match. It’s the same process with beads and crystals. Any shade, any size. Please note there is a charge for changes to beads, pearls and crystals.

It all sounds amazing and as if we can do absolutely anything with our jewellery, and we probably can.

But how long does it take?

A bride’s biggest problem is the usual “4 to 6 weeks” thrown about in the asian fashion industry. The reason waiting times are so long is because the majority of retailers rely on manufacturers based abroad to fulfill their orders. Throw in the risk of the colour of the metal, stones or beads coming wrong, through poor communication or misunderstanding and most brides recoil at the idea.

At Chohans Fashion we have a 1 week waiting time.

How do we do it?

We don’t risk getting a bridal order wrong and we are NEVER LATE.

All changes to metal plating, stones and beads are completed at our head office in Alumrock. So you can rest assured your order is being completed by the people who take your order.

So simply browse our designs instore and online. If you like the look of a certain set but wish you could change certain pieces. YOU CAN!

Speak to a member of staff instore or message us on the chat option on our website between 11am and 7pm everyday or you can message using instagram, facebook and twitter @chohansfashion or email

If you’re a soon to be bride worried about finding your set. You’ll be fine!

If you know a bride who needs to know about our services forward this page to them!

Thank you for reading.

If you have any suggestions for future posts or think we can improve in anyway please leave an email. Any help/support is hugely appreciated and valued.

Written by the team at Chohans Fashion

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