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TS 754 Green bridal set

TS 754 Green bridal set

£325.00 Regular Price
£243.75Sale Price

New polki bridal set. This bridal has three necklaces with it, a choker, a statement necklace also a long necklace piece. Along side, two head pieces, tikka (middle headpiece) and jummur (side head piece). You also get a hand piece, with this set and matching earrings.




Long necklace length: 38 cm with a width of: 11 cm.

Statement necklace length: 9 cm with a width of: 26 cm.

Jummur length: 11.3 cm with a width of: 10.5 cm.

Tikka length: 13.5 cm with a width of: 6 cm.

Earrings length: 8 cm with a width of: 4.7 cm.

Hand piece length: 14 cm with a width of: 16 cm. 


Available in other colours too. 

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